The adventures of Snowblower Man

The whimsical mind of Mike Crowley (aka Count Blockula) has no limits. This time, he turns to make something exciting out of the mundane. Check out the “ongoing domestic winter adventures of Snowblower Man!”

“He’s just a regular guy, living in the northeastern part of the United States, trying his best to make it through yet another winter. The first heavy snowfall of the season has hit, and he knows what to do: bundled up in his winter’s warmest, he journeys out into the cold. Into the backyard, with deep and heavy footsteps, he makes his way though the thick, frozen white, all the way to the tool shed, where his finds his rugged and reliable friend waiting.”

Stay tuned to Mike’s gallery, where he plans on making a new vignette each day featuring the Snowblower Man.

3 comments on “The adventures of Snowblower Man

  1. David

    The snowblower is great. We were one of the first ones on the street to have a snowblower about 5-6 years ago. Everyone would shovel and shovel and I would be blowing it around. The next year a few more bought them, but most still shoveled, we then had a storm with like 2 feet of snow, and by the year after that no one on the street shoveled.

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