Izzo’s shielded mechas

I particularly enjoy when Izzo applies a variation on a theme to his mechas. These battle machines are unique in what looks like a massive armor shield they carry. From left to right, they are named WingBunny, LazorBull, and HippoBlast.

3 comments on “Izzo’s shielded mechas

  1. Fred

    Is izzo one person? Does he sleep? He releases a new mech nearly every day. And they are damn well wonderful. When Lego gains intelligence and goes to war, I want to be there when izzo mechs meet sugegasa.

  2. Dunechaser

    I sometimes wonder if Izzo really isn’t a whole troupe of builders, in much the same way that Arvo is really a pair of brothers…

    These are very different from Izzo’s usual (fantastic, to be sure) mecha. Love ’em.

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