Kwi-Chang roundup for November 13, 2007

Kwi-chang is another mecha builder who deserves his own roundup post, starting with a mecha of a four-legged variety:

Next, an Exo-Force mashup and a mecha with a very large Gatling gun:

Finally, a black mecha with big, sharp fingers:

2 comments on “Kwi-Chang roundup for November 13, 2007

  1. NikTheGreek

    Where are all these detailed and unique looking bricks coming from?Like the blade claws or the gattling gun barrels? Even the fingers from the Grey one? Just spare bricks and exo force pieces?

    Also do you builders out there paint your bricks?

  2. Dunechaser Post author

    Hi Nik,

    It looks like Kwi-Chang mainly uses pieces from a variety of fairly recent sets. For example, the blade claws are new swords from castle sets, the Gatling gun barrels are “pole” or “antenna” pieces that are in many different sets, and the fingers on the big grey mech are arms from Exo-Force robots.

    Hope that helps, and keep coming back to The Brothers Brick for more building inspiration! ;-)

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