A month of steampunk from Kevoh

I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin “Kevoh” Blocksidge at BrickCon in October, where his “Fingobbins Village” floating rock won a well-deserved “Best Steampunk” award:

I waited patiently for him to announce his beautiful creation online, but somehow missed it a month ago. For those who missed it elsewhere, I think it was worth the wait.

And for those who wait, further rewards — three more steampunk creations:

1 comment on “A month of steampunk from Kevoh

  1. zkee

    beautifully rounded walkway on the floating steamvillage … you’d swear it consists of actual wooden boards. And the detail, oh, the Detail … brilliant :) the houses are like little brethren to CafĂ© Corner and Market Street, but then in a non-square fashion. I wonder if it’s sturdy in all.

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