Historical photographs, LEGO’d by Marcos Vilariño

After we posted Mike Stimpson’s Classics in LEGO, we got an e-mail from Juan Macias that reminded me about some other historical photographs recreated in LEGO:

These were showing up all over the ‘net earlier this year, but I never managed to track down the actual creator, so chose not to blog them. (Side not: Shame on people for posting other people’s things without proper attribution for the creator!!!)

We really appreciate readers like Juan who point us in the right direction. So, it turns out that the builder is Marcos Vilariño, who has an entire collection of historical photos turned into very cool LEGO creations. Whereas Mike builds at minifig scale, Marcos builds in the larger Miniland scale, and frequently uses vintage LEGO figures from the pre-minifig 1970s.

Here’s Marcos’ version of “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”:

Be sure to check out all of Marcos’ photographs on the Centro de Estudos Fotográficos Web site.

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