BrickCon 2007 Day 3 Report

Based on the three I’ve attended, the last day of LEGO conventions primarly seem to involve three activities:

  • Invasions: Space invades castle, castle invades town, I invade myself…
  • Group photos: Pictures of fellow builders, secret societies, and mysterious online organizations…
  • Teardown: Pack it up and haul it (or ship it) home!

People who’ve uploaded photos since Saturday (includes photos through Sunday):


Group Photos

Builders’ Lounge:




Nathan Proudlove ships himself back to Manitoba in his Blacktron II box (I get to keep the SHIP):

This is how The Omicron Weekend got home:

I’ll add more stuff tomorrow (interesting news as well as cool LEGO creations). That’s it for tonight!

7 comments on “BrickCon 2007 Day 3 Report

  1. Indy

    Haha, love how they forgot to add the ”H” in Keithlug, on the bodem most box.

    Also, is that keith himself in the orange shirt?

  2. matt

    Did any of you at the convention happen to get any pictures of the model of the Disneyland Main Street Station? I read on the official NWBrickCon site that one guy built it along with a model of the C.K.Holliday, one of the trains that circles the park, and brought them to the convention. I found a glimpse of the station on one of the flickr groups you linked, but would like to see more! As a big disneyland and lego fan, combining them seems especially cool to me.

    And by the way, great blog.

  3. Josh

    I’m glad Keith was wearing a shirt, although shirts (and/or lack thereof) did seem to be a subtheme of BrickCon this year…

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