Dark Hero by Izzo

Reader “bedlam” reminds us that, back in the day, most mecha builders used minifig legs as hands. What I like so much about Izzo‘s latest mecha (and what I might not have noticed without the reminder from bedlam) is the left hand:

The feet and head are pretty cool too.

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  1. smcginnis

    Wow…. Cool. I really like the head design, along with the cape and left shoulder pad. The color scheme is win as well.

    Anyway, I first thought that those claws were orange… and I was wondering where he got orange viking horns. But I’m pretty sure they’re actually red.



    Do you guys honestly mean what you say in your compliments or are you just copying the behaviour of someone else because you see someone you know saying something or thinking something, so in order to think and feel that you are a part of this connected emotion because you know these people, you then say the same thing they say and type the same thing they type, and copy and build the same Lego themes that they build?????
    My intention is not to accuse or offend, but could it be that sometimes we are all copying one another and then praising one another about our copying of Lego themes and creations, and then after this, we copy one another about our praise of our Lego copying while still thinking were are not?

  3. smcginnis

    Lego Shark, I know it’s from Jabba’s Sail Barge.

    KAWABONGA: Yes. As far as I can tell, I always mean what I say (unless, of course, it’s written as an obvious joke or sarcasm).


  4. Lego Shark

    Well, Kawabonga, bold statement.

    All lego creations are unique and different. The goal in making a model isn’t to copy a theme or creation. Mecha is a popular theme, as you can see by the large Mecha category on the right. Here is why Builders build. The love to build because no two creations are alike, and to see the differences between them is fun to do. I understand why you think that we are all copying each other; the fact remains that there are sets that fall under spcific categories, but to the contrary, we enjoy he originality of each and every model,
    That being said, I completely believe in originality. I hate seeing the same thing twice, or any form of copying. But Lego is never copying. It’s for the originality, and the challenge of building something no one has ever thought of before. We wouldn’t be looking at this creation if it didn’t have a sense of originalty and fun to it.
    This is the meaning of lego. So see the art behnd the brick, and play well.


  5. Nannan

    Despite the previous bold statement, I’m still going to say that’s one awesome mecha, especially that shoulder cape and the horrific claw!

  6. Dunechaser Post author

    I’ve let the comments die off in this thread, so I hate to resurrect an argument, but I’m a little unclear what your point was, Kawabonga.

    Izzo is one of the most innovate and original builders around these days, so I can’t imagine that you’re saying Izzo just copies other people’s creations.

    I’m still not sure what your original point was, though. It’s somewhat true that people do tend to just post lots of “That’s so cool!” comments, and on forums where people are soliciting feedback, that’s probably less helpful than it could be. But the intent of The Brothers Brick is to find as many “so cool!” creations as possible, so I expect a fair amount of “That’s so cool!” comments in reaction to what we post.

    Regardless of what you meant (and saying that you don’t intend to accuse or offend), your tone came off as combative and a bit mean-spirited. Articulate, thoughtful discussions are always welcome here. So, I’ll just repeat what I said to both you and Lego Shark in a comment on a more recent post: Please, sit back and think about what you’ve typed before you click that big Submit Comment button.

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