Bosfor Heavy Infantry Suit by Adrian Florea

Adrian Florea presents a heavy infantry suit called Bosfor (named after the strait between Europe and Asia, frequently spelled Bosporus in English).

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    Thank you Dunchaser for posting this picture . I not sure why no one else is not commenting on this creation . I think it is one of the best creations that has been posted on here for quite some time. In addition to the builder , Adrian Florea is also one of my favorite Lego builders! I am glad that he is a Lego ambassador.
    Speaking of ambassadors to Lego company, I saw your picture Dunchaser for the ambassador page, it does not look that bad. I am sure some of our grade 7 yearbook pictures are much worse!.

    Keep the good work for lego !!


    in addition to the lego builder spook, I forgot to type the word SPOOK
    hurray for SPOOK! keep on building lego man !!


    hmmmm, I must of got mixed up with someone else. My mistake .

    I like the exo bot you built OLOG, I like how you used the exo force droid arms and gray tubes. Suggestion: build more mecha stuff ….

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