News: Only 10 more days to pre-register for NWBrickCon 2007

If you’re still waffling about coming to beautiful Seattle for NWBrickCon next month (October 5-7), you only have 10 more days to pre-register. Advance registration benefits include a lower price ($44 instead of $50 at the door), and an engraved brick badge.

So, what are you waiting for? You can register on

9 comments on “News: Only 10 more days to pre-register for NWBrickCon 2007

  1. zachmoe

    What I want to know is…will Lego Shark being commenting about whether or not he’ll be going?

    Seriously though, I’m getting pretty psyched about going to my first Lego gathering…looking forward to meeting everyone and checking out some awesome stuff.

  2. Lego Shark

    Hi! heh i will not be going due to my scholarly duties plus costs, ect… but thanks for carin! :D

    My internet has been down for a matter of time now, and it still goes in and out. “laugh out loud” i might write an article- WIRELESS GONE WACKY! apple airports (wireless connection things) Apparently last about 7 months. thus my post is relatively late.

    But i would be really excited if i could go. :)

  3. Ry

    Because I thought it would be funny if, just like on this blog, you ran up and blurted out comments after everything Dunechaser said in person. :D

    (but really, i was just joking)

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