Gigantic mystery minifig appears on Dutch beach

Here’s the caption from the BBC News Web site:

A huge Lego toy has mysteriously appeared on Zandvoort beach in Holland. Nobody knows where it comes from.

Any of our readers from The Netherlands know something about this?

(Thanks to readers Sharon and Cynthia for the link!)

23 comments on “Gigantic mystery minifig appears on Dutch beach

  1. Kikimaru

    The mystery’s already solved?
    Damn, and this pic has even hit my local paper here in Ireland!

  2. iDarkDesign

    Yup, I just googled the text on his shirt and I came about egoleonard website. I know the people he worked for @ dance valley. (Globalicious) and thus it’s part of a art project.

    the real question is WHY it is at the beach?! and WHY do I have to go there again on friday

  3. Lego Shark

    I was checking the pics out on brickshelf yesterday. I just found it randomly. I went to the website, and good God it’s all dutch!!

    I am not dutch. i d not speak dutch. Linus, please give a translation or something!!

  4. Ben R R

    It made the news here in the States, there was video, so not likely photoshop. Though I admit it does look it.

  5. Dunechaser Post author

    I would like to take this opportunity to start a completely unfounded rumor that this minifig is a Danish Trojan Horse — the precursor to the Danes invading Holland. Once the Dutch bring the monstrous minifig further inland, a Danish special forces squad will leap out of its torso and begin paving the way for the full-scale invasion.

    (Clearly, I have a violent American imagination.)

  6. Sven

    Get the clog-guns!!

    Enough of the rubbish.
    In Holland its 50 years of legos.
    I guess this explains a lot?

  7. Lego Shark

    Well, mister Dune chaser, our violent American imaginations are what got us this far. if we didnt have the imaginative idea to forcefully remove the brits from the colonies we would still be having tea time.

    I think that they are Danish- Marshian hybrids hiding inside that giant thing. They have been planning thier assult for over 50 years,refining thier plot to take over the earth. they only missed two litle dtails.

    1. Grammar. No real than you are? i mean come on!

    2. the beach is CLEARLY not the minifigs natural habitat. They usually inhabit boxes, tins, and tiny cities.

    I’m also sad that they didnt place thier infiltration device/bomb/lego guy in california. i live near the beach and i wanna be a part of the action. sigh… i never get to have any fun.

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