Thinking inside the box

The first thing aspiring builders of space learn to avoid is making their ships look like boxes. But Justin Vaughn proves that the shape is timeless with The Amazing Spacebrick! (or Incredible Flying Shoebox, whichever you prefer).

Take a look at this unique piece of work on either Flickr or Brickshelf.

4 comments on “Thinking inside the box

  1. Dunechaser

    I love this — so very square, yet awesome. I’d like to see someone try to make something like this that follows the design of an actual LEGO brick, with studs and such.

    Jimmy: Indeed it is.

  2. Mainman

    Dune, I think someone did that with a moonbase module.

    Jimmy, don’t worry, it’s atmosphere capable, but for obvious reasons, flies like a brick. :)

    – Justin

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