Brickshelf: Shutting Down July 31, 2007

Brickshelf is now accessable through or (you may see a certificate error). At the top of the page in red text reads:

Notice: Brickshelf will be shutting down on 2007/07/31.
Please save your files to your computer.


Everyone who hasn’t backed up their files already, DO SO NOW.

EDIT (AB): Bob Kojima has created a tool that can back up files from Brickshelf. You can download the Zip file from BZPower (thanks for the tip, Kelly!) here (318 KB).

EDIT 2 (AB): Jim DeVona has created a backup tool for Mac OS X. You can download it and read instructions on how to run it in Jim’s post on LUGNET. You’re a lifesaver, Jim!

EDIT 3 (LB/AB): Interested parties have begun backing up important folders other than their own while they can. There are threads on classic-castle, classic-space, FBTB Forums, and Forum 0937 to do this as systematic as possible. Thanks to Bruce for the heads up. If this is happening on other communities as well, please let us know.

22 comments on “Brickshelf: Shutting Down July 31, 2007

  1. earl-0

    Thank you for announcement, “The Brothers Brick”.
    We must support Kevin and BS, if whatever results follow.


  2. Nathan Cunningham

    Farewell, Brickshelf. You will be sorely missed.

    Thank you, Kevin, for providing this excellent service to our community. Countless FOLs have come out of dark ages, been inspired, and even just discovered other geeks like themselves because of your generosity and hard work.

    Time to find a new host. I’m optimistic about the future; we can get through this, albeit with difficulty.

  3. Kevoh

    Instead of everyone blindly backing up their favorites list, should an organized effort be made?

    A good place to start would be every MOC linked from Brothers-Brick.

    Also, I suspect there may be behind-the-scenes plans being enacted to backup the entirety of BS.

  4. Fred

    I’m just backing up everything I can find that I love…Shotgun
    I wish I knew all the names.. it’s really sad going through the pages… it’s just not right.

    I have seen references to folders belonging to people who have since died.. anyone know who these people are?? I would add those to the list.

  5. Fred

    You know.. I wonder how many terrabytes of data there is? I would personally buy the disk space to take a copy of everything.. I think I could round up the cash.

    Very seriously,

  6. smcginnis

    Andrew, does that downloading application work on your Mac?

    Anyway, I’m very grateful that Kevin Loch put it back up for this.


  7. Dunechaser

    smcginnis: Nope, but see Jim’s comment.

    Jim: You rock. I’ve edited the original post to include a link to your LUGNET post. Yay Terminal!

  8. Dunechaser

    Thanks Luis and Bruce — we’ve added the links to the main post.

    Kevoh: This is certainly something I’d like to do, but I’m crazy busy trying to coordinate some of the image-hosting efforts (trying, at this point). Any help in that regard would be greatly appreciated, though I suspect many of the featured MOCs will be captured by the rescue efforts underway elsewhere. I’ll give it some thought and post a call for help if I decide it’s worth doing.

  9. Lord_Of_The_LEGO Post author

    I can’t help but feel this would be a hell of a lot easier if had a Download All button.

    Of course, it would be even easier if, instead of killing Brickshelf, Kevin would just transfer everything to someone else. I know there are plenty of willing people out there who’d gladly keep Brickshelf alive.

  10. Fred

    Watch him show up at the next lego convention and put up a table selling copies of the site on DVD :)

    It’s going to be a nice house cleaning… I think amongst us we’ll save the “good stuff”

    So long out of focus 1600×1200 shots of a fig in a tree.. I shall not miss thee.

    In time this will be a good thing.

  11. Fred

    Are you guys also getting a lot of “connection failed” messages with backup? We must be pounding the server.

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