So, EARL_0, this is why you got a Golden Threepio?!

Says Earl: “Yeah, but he’s so cool looking!” (From How Many Studs to LEGOLAND.)

8 comments on “So, EARL_0, this is why you got a Golden Threepio?!

  1. smcginnis

    I always wanted to do that, except with a regular C-3PO and a crown. But this is so much better….

    Paleo, I think this is just one of the “chrome-gold” ones, not real gold; but it still must be worth a bit, as there will only be 10,000.


  2. Dunechaser Post author


    They’re both real. The gold-chrome C-3PO is a special prize in a limited number of sets being released this summer, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. Extremely rare.

    That one being auctioned on eBay is the pearl-gold version in the new Sandcrawler set. Only “rare” in the sense that it’s in a fairly expensive set — but it’s in every one of those sets.

  3. Ethan

    Damn, I need one of these now…
    If I had one, I don’t know what I’d do with it… Sell it, save it, or use if like this…

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