Halo 3 Brute Chopper by Alex Peacock

The Brute Chopper is a new vehicle in Halo 3. For those of you sick of seeing poorly constructed LEGO Warthogs, here’s Alex Peacock‘s chopper:

7 comments on “Halo 3 Brute Chopper by Alex Peacock

  1. Kawabonga

    ONCE again no armor on and around the driver of a vehicle in the HALO game ! Who designed this vehicle ? Even many of the tanks during World War One were being destroyed by .50 caliber machine guns becuase the armor on the tanks was not thick enough.
    A wheel that big would be very hard to steer and maintain balance with gyros due to its large mass and weight. What happens if the wheel attains some air off a jump or goes over a small cliff, how does it maintain a level stance in free fall so it does not fall on its side or smash down on the tail end where the driver sits? If it falls on its side it will not be going anywhere but it could make a good postmodern art statue. Have you ever seen some one drive at medium speed off the end of a wall, even a short wall (3 feet) on a Segway??? , well it crashes, nose dives and lands on its side just like the brute chopper would but the brute chopper would be worse! It Bugs me when the concept guys design so called advanced futuristic concepts in games and movies of future combat when the stuff would not even last in a battle during World War One on planet Earth. Now I know someone will reply, oh… its just a game, stop taking it so serious… and your a geek.

  2. Lord T

    oh… its just a game, stop taking it so serious…

    Seriously, it’s alien so there’s something going on in there. But you’re right about the unarmoured driver.

    I like the MOC though. Very faithful to the source.

  3. Kikimaru

    It’s *because* it’s a game vehicle — after all, it’s not much fun going against a tank-like speedy thingy if all you have is a Magnum & battle-rifle.

    Plus ejecting the driver by punching him in the face & flinging him off is so much fun ;)

  4. M.G.

    Hey, its still not bad its gone the dessign part down. oh and can u plz send me the instructions?

  5. Dunechaser Post author

    Kowabonga: Dude, chill.

    M.G.: This isn’t mine, and LEGO builders — with rare exceptions — don’t provide instructions for their own creations. Sorry. :-(

  6. joshua

    plz send me instructions on how to make the chopper and send me a list of legos i need my email is <e-mail address removed by administrator>

  7. Dunechaser Post author

    Joshua, please see the comment immediately above yours. It’s also not a good idea to share your e-mail address where spambots can find them, so I’ve removed it for you.

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