The new LEGO Microspacetopia group on Flickr has inspired me to build some microscale spacey thingies myself:

Click the image to see individual photos of each microscale vehicle.

4 comments on “Microspacetopia!

  1. Ethan

    I’m almost always annoyed when someone blogs their own stuff, but when it’s you guys, I know it would have been up there on its own. :-) Great work with the parrot!

  2. Mike Yoder

    Microspacetopia is famous! Thanks for blogging our fledgling filckr page. Cool micro-work you’ve got there.

  3. smcginnis

    Like I said on CC, I really like these. I know, I know, I should join flickr…. I probably will when I get pics taken of my floating rock….

    Anyway, awesome stuff; and yours are too, Yoder. So are all the others.


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