NickGreat’s Green Samurai

As featured here previously, master customizer NickGreat continues his “Colors of the Samurai” with my favorite color — and favorite minifig so far (via Klocki):

(Wow, feels like I’ve been gone forever, but it’s only been a couple of days. My bookmark folder’s bursting at the seams, so I’ll do a few “roundup” posts tomorrow to catch up.)

9 comments on “NickGreat’s Green Samurai

  1. Professor

    question to Dunechaser. The weapon blade on the end of the staff, is that a real lego piece? From what set? I have vever seen it before, or is that a custom mold?

  2. Zeessi

    Dude! I love how you combined the Jabba’s Servant helmet with the bull horns! I dig the custom blade and chest plate too!

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