TRU Japan Exo-Force Mashup Contest

Toys R Us in Japan is sponsoring an Exo-Force Mashup Contest that challenges builders to combine any two Exo-Force sets into a new mecha. The two example mashups should be familiar to TBB readers — Van-Force and Naoe-Force. Several Japanese builders have already contributed entries.

Kwi-Chang gets things going with a mashup between 7700 Stealth Hunter and 7714 Golden Guardian:

Although I posted it earlier this week without any explanation, here’s Izzo’s combination of two copies of 8105 Iron Condor:

Finally, Sugegasa has promised to get in on the mashup action, but I haven’t seen the result yet.

3 comments on “TRU Japan Exo-Force Mashup Contest

  1. kwi-chang


    Thank you for introducing my work.
    It felt sorry to miss commenting when it introduces my work and it is glad to introduce before.
    When it is possible to come for the point of several another work made for the Mashup Contest contest to exist and to see, it is glad.

  2. David

    kwi-chang I like yours, it looks like an offical “special edition” set and is nicely done. The left arm with the headless minifig scares me. :)

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