How Mark Sandlin Survived Mars Mission

At its most basic level, the LEGO Ambassadors program enables LEGO fans to have representatives who speak for them and work directly with The LEGO Company. Because we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), those of us who are ambassadors can’t always talk about what we do. This has resulted in a bit of frustration from non-ambassadors — an understandable frustration, which I couldn’t help but share until I joined the program in March myself.

With the new Mars Mission sets coming out later this year, Mark Sandlin is now able to discuss how he was involved in the design and development of this new space theme.

That’s Mark with LEGO executives Jørgen Vig Knudstorp and Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Click the image to read Mark’s fascinating post on Classic-Space Forums. Mark was specifically involved in building prototypes of my favorite set, the 7692 dropship:

Be sure to check out Mark’s pictures from his trip to LEGO headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

There are very good business reasons why we can’t talk about future products we might be working on. (For example, would you want to see pirates or competitors release a knock-off version of something LEGO spent years designing even before LEGO can release the real thing themselves?) But it’s great to learn more how the program works, and to understand that fans are actually involved in the design of themes like Mars Mission and the new Castle sets.

9 comments on “How Mark Sandlin Survived Mars Mission

  1. Dunechaser Post author

    Heh heh, yeah, I know. I initially wrote this long parenthetical comment explaining that the company is still family-owned and that Kjeld is Da Man, but I edited it out. :)

  2. David

    Next time can we get some Space fans to build a Space theme? Mars Mission is… blah. It’s an orange version ofLife on Mars which failed big time.

    But the drop ship does rock.

  3. Grand Admiral

    Believe me, I’d rather have worked on a dedicated Space theme, but this is what LEGO is doing right now. Those of us who are Space fans in the Ambassadors will keep bugging LEGO to make a Space theme. :)

  4. Jordan Sanders

    I really like the ” Reborn ” Mars Mission sets. I just ordered the MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit and my friend got my the whole collection for my birthday! If theres any big Mars Mission fans out there it would be cool to talk to you.

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