Papercraft Star Wars Minifigs

I noticed a cool papercraft stormtrooper in Brickshelf user Obi-Wan-Stefen’s gallery, who kindly provided enough info to get to i like toys, which linked to Japanese site Piro model with instructions and templates for creating your own papercraft Star Wars minifigs:

Click the pictures above to go to instruction pages on Piro model. The instructions will be in Japanese, but they’re numbered and easy enough to follow visually.

Here’s what the templates look like:

Have fun, and let us know if you try making any of these.

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  14. paul teague

    please help me i need a link to the c3pos some how they wont worl ,also a link to lieas corrvett? ship please send me a link to these and emperiors shuttle please help me to these ships

  15. Andrew Post author

    ^ Paul, these papercraft models aren’t by anybody involved with this Web site (we were just highlighting them), so I’m afraid we can’t help you. Sorry! :(

  16. kugutsu

    mine looks nothing like these T.T mine are lop sided and i left one in the microwave… it caught on fire… (please, don’t ask)

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