The Nnenness continues.

Nnenn is quickly becoming one of my favourite builders. He’s got all the necessary qualities — excellent technique, wonderful imagination, great presentation. But he also manages to shake things around a bit in the community! When the traditional view can be said to be that of the purist — only use original Lego pieces, essentially – Nnenn doesn’t refrain from using clone bricks, modifying¬†existing pieces or playing with custom stickers. Very refreshing when done this well, as it is in his Ula-Kit 319.

So is the more liberal view Nnenn represents a step forward or a step backward for our hobby? Judge for yourself.

5 comments on “The Nnenness continues.

  1. Dunechaser

    I was personally rather shocked when Nathan pointed out the non-LEGO parts in a mecha I’d blogged, which just goes to show how well Nnenn integrates it into his work. It’s undeniably cool, beautiful, well-presented stuff, and who am I to say what somebody can or can’t use in a creation?

    That said, there’s something to be said for using only the “palette” available with LEGO Brand bricks. I guess we can just consider Nnenn’s work “mixed media.” ;)

  2. Mastergongfu

    If it is done this well I suppose I don’t mind. Although I would not do that myself.

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