So, more trains? Or not?

Train builders create some fantastic stuff — often overlooked by those of us more involved in themes like Space and Castle.

For example, check out Anthony Sava’s full-size and micro-scale No. 805 American 4-4-0 (via MicroBricks):

Or all of the displays LEGO train clubs create for events, like the layout Bill Ward participated in at a recent Train Collectors’ Association event:

And creations for train layouts are often on a scale much larger than in other themes, like Bill Vollbrecht’s Maersk Headquarters building in last year’s NWBrickCon train layout:

So a question for readers of The Brothers Brick: Do you want to see more trains and layouts? Or should we stick with the old stand-bys — castles, space ships, minifigs, mecha, and so on? Leave a comment and let us know.

14 comments on “So, more trains? Or not?

  1. Darkmenace

    Nothing wrong with some extraordinary train/town goodness. It’s about the build, not the theme. Except Bionicle… ;)

  2. Chris

    I love train and layouts as long as they are super detailed. Like the above poster says, it’s all about the build.

  3. David

    I agree, as long as the MOCs are made from bricks and not all Bionicle then I’m happy. :)

  4. Darth Cirrocu

    Anything that showcases imagination and creativity should be shared with the world. :-)

  5. SGuado

    Trains are great! Thematically it can have a lot of similarities to steampunk, or future designs can have the nice streamlining of a nice mecha or something. More Trains!

    Layouts and cityscapes also show off a builder’s architecture designs :)

  6. Jeff

    Trains, and specifically town, are what got a lot of us building with LEGO in the first place as kids. I say bring on all the great town and train MOCs!

  7. Mastergongfu

    I think anything that showcases good building techniques should be used. And if that includes trains I am ok with it.

  8. Tim

    Are you trying to steal my niche back? ;) The main reason I bothered starting a blog is because very few people ever show town and trains and the good stuff is… well… way better than a lot of what does get shown in blogs.

  9. Chris Malloy

    I read BB to see a good sampling of the best the Lego community has to offer from all themes. That includes trains.

    However, I would draw the line at loads of Bionicle MOCs. A few, excellent ones here and there is all good, though. :)


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