News: Pictures of Summer 2007 Star Wars Minifigs

German LEGO blog The Brick Time has noticed photos I’d missed of the new minifigs in the summer 2007 LEGO Star Wars sets.

I’m rather excited about the Naboo pilot and redesigned Anakin Skywalker minifigs in 7660 Naboo Starfighter:


But I’m very excited by Kit Fisto in 7661 Jedi Starfighter:

7 comments on “News: Pictures of Summer 2007 Star Wars Minifigs

  1. Richard

    Never have I been so tempted to get Star Wars lego.

    Hopefully this is just the start of more excellent redesigned characters.

  2. Capp'n

    That Kit’s kinda fugly, he’s my favourite character but I wish they made him like the one on the Lego Star Wars video game. That one kicked serious tail.

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