DIY Japanese New Years Card

2007 will be the Year of the Boar. Of course, tigers eat boars for breakfast, so I’m thinkin’ it’ll be a good year.

As I explained on New Years Day 2006, Japanese homes begin to fill up with new years cards — called nengajyou — this time of year.

I assume we’ll see lots of boar-themed LEGO creations over the next week or so, but mumu gets things rolling with the first new years card. According to his blog post, he created a LEGO boar that LEGO/graphic design site 05cube! has integrated into a nice DIY card-maker. Here’s mine (note personalized message to our beloved readers):

Click my card to go to 05Cube! and make your own. There are enough English instructions that you should be able to get by. :) Just leave a comment here if you have any trouble.