News: Summer 2007 Set Pictures!

2007 catalog scans are available on, with pictures of previously unseen summer-release City sets (click to go to the page on and view full-size images):

Czech LEGO fan site Kostky also has a picture of the new Castle sets for 2007 (via Eurobricks):

I’m very excited about the undead horses, new skeletons (with non-floppy arms) and new accessories (curved swords, round shields, etc.). I can’t tell too much about the castles from this picture, but I like the bone cage on the undead fortress. Wicked!

9 comments on “News: Summer 2007 Set Pictures!

  1. Unit 186

    I just saw these….yes! :-) I’m so happy. The orange and blue trucks look amazing, and I’m afraid that since I’m a sucker for any floating object, I’ll have to buy all of that dock stuff. The Castle stuff is obviously going to get a huge thing at Classic-Castle, not that I go there.

  2. Kotorfan

    This castle stuff excites me, though it seems a little Alpha Team. Because of the Ogel head, and the skull in the base, like all the bases in the Alpha Team series. I agree with Unit 186 about the orange truck, it would be nice to get a few pieces of that color. Id pick these up just for those wagons with a large crossbow on it. The second closest skeleton sword makes me happy, nice to get rid of those pesky KK swords. The mace/ball thing is also pretty cool.

  3. Nathan Cunningham

    All the new sets look great! 2007 will not be a good year for my wallet. ;-)

    I’m especially excited for this new Castle theme. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, with generic soldiers, beautiful shields, the return of brown horses (!), and a new undead faction. I’ve been going through a dim age lately, but these are just too cool to miss!

  4. Dean Hofmeyer

    Those new skeleton heads almost make me want to think they have stickers on them. I do like the new arms however, and the weapons look really cool.

    The humans on the other hand are nothing earth-shattering. I predict a huge surge of custom Soldiers of Gondor, what with those shiny pointy-topped helmets and all.

    The ship is sweet. I like the crane and the truck too.

    The orange garbage truck and the blue cement mixer look like great parts-sets. The gas station should be good too.

    Overall, I’ll probably save my Christmas money (only two days now!) and get some of these.

  5. RichardAM

    *stars saving immediately*

    LOVE the new town stuff, especially the cement mixer and docklands subtheme. It’s great to see the return of the Octan filling station too, it’s all the same calibre as the stuff I grew up with!

    The Castle line is still a little too “fantasy” for my liking, but it’s certainly a lot closer than the KKII garbage.

    That town line-up will bring any ex-fan out of the dark-ages. XD

  6. iAndrew!

    I just saw these pics (now removed) on FBTB. I can’t wait for the new castle. So much better than “KK”. Same goes for the NEW Aqua Raiders.I can’t wait to pick some of those up! :)

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