7783 Batcave Review on American Comics Lego Archive

I profiled Japanese blogger xeuren’s American Comics Lego Archive over on PPB late last year. Xeuren recently posted a nice photo review of 7783 Batcave. Perhaps I’ve missed a review in English elsewhere, but xeuren’s review includes several great pictures of the new set, including the new minifigs:

The set also includes Batman and a henchman (for a total of seven). I think Robin (black pompadour!!!) and The Penguin (purple stubby legs!!!) are fantastic, but I’m not so sure about Alfred — as xeuren also says, the expression on his face seems a little dandyish.

I’m really torn between this set and 7785 Arkham Asylum. I still don’t have a black Batman minifig, and both have some great villain minifigs as well…

Anyway, head on over to American Comics Lego Archive for more close-up pictures of this set, as well as xeuren’s own custom superhero minifigs.

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