Author Douglas Coupland is a LEGO Fan

Douglas Coupland, author of books such as Generation X and Microserfs is apparently a LEGO fan. I noticed that several of his books have covers that incorporate LEGO into the design:


A quick search for Douglas Coupland LEGO turned up this article. Here’s Coupland talking about LEGO:

Thing is, we all played with Lego…. There just comes a time when you don’t go into that box anymore, and then for the next 30 years Lego’s been playing with me. Messing with my mind and my way of looking at things. I’ve [been wondering] all this time, where do I end and toys begin?

Apparently, though, Coupland’s dark age is over. The article describes an art installation he’s created (sorry, no pictures), in which he uses LEGO. I really like this next quote:

I had to build the Cape Cod house with two dormer windows, and my God! My fingers still had that weird Lego tingling feeling. I was still hunting down in the bottom of the box for that one piece. That sound? You remember that sound? Of stirring around in the bottom of a box of Lego? When I’m building things in my mind, I call it ‘shapehead.’ When I’ve got shapehead, I can’t sleep, I might as well just keep on building and building…

Nice. I guess that makes me a shapehead.

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