Gilligan, Malcolm, and Robot B9 minifigs

What a great day for minifigs! (There’s more coming soon.) Janey Cook has updated her minifig folder, and since I haven’t seen this folder before myself, they’re all new to me!

First up, the crew and passengers of the S.S. Minnow from the classic TV show Gilligan’s Island:

In the middle of this batch, naturally, the world’s most dysfunctional family, from Malcolm in the Middle:

Finally, the Robinsons and fellow crewmembers of the Jupiter 2 — from another classic TV show, Lost in Space:

Although Janey says there are a few torso stickers among the figs, these are overall a great collection of purist(ish) minifigs! Be sure to check out the full gallery for even more sets, including characters from Clue, Inspector Gadget, The Brady Bunch, and others.

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