The Eastern Block Revolutionary Council

LEGO Space fans have created many Space “subthemes.” Chris Giddens has created several popular subthemes, including Pre-Classic Space and The Eastern Block. With my recent Communist minifigs still lying around, I thought I’d try my hand at some Eastern Block minifigs.

First up, the Eastern Block Revolutionary Council:

From left to right in the picture above:

  • Leo “Snowball” Bronstein, People’s Kommissar for Guns ‘n’ Ammo
  • Supreme Diktat Vladimir “Major” Ulyanov
  • “Mad” Max Gorky, Minister of Truth
  • Joe “The Stalinator” Jughashvili, People’s Kommissar for Denunciations and Disappearances

Next, a chainsaw gun. If the explosive rounds from the eight-barrelled, rapid-fire particle cannon don’t get ya, the 1600-RPM chainsaw is sure to do some damage:

Finally, Ernesto “the Dude” Guevarra (voted “Most Photogenic” by 99% of the Eastern Block electorate) wields the “BFG”:

Click here to see the full gallery on Flickr.