Van Force Pictures and Instructions from gabriel

Ask and ye shall receive! In my recent post on the alternate Exo-Force design by anime director and mecha designer Shoji Kawamori, I asked if any Japanese LEGO fans knew of any better pictures of a completed Van Force mecha.

Azumu (of LEGO-BINGO, who it seems is much more consistent about checking Brickshelf than I am) responded:

Regarding instructions for Kawamura-sensei’s “Van Force,” gabriel-san customized the model a bit and uploaded them:
There were a few places in the magazine that were hard to figure out, so it’s not a complete recreation, but I think it’s pretty much complete.

Thanks Azumu-san! So without further ado, here’s a bigger picture of Van Force:

Click the image (or the link Azumu-san provided) for the full gallery, complete with step-by-step building instructions! Awesome.

Oh, and those aren’t custom decals. Japanese LEGO specialty store Click-Brick handed out Van Force sticker sheets with the purchase of any Exo-Force set. Since The LEGO Company worked with Mr. Kawamori to design Van Force, I believe the sticker sheet is “official.”

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  2. Kikimaru

    That is sweet — I don’t have the skills necessary for a transformable suit like that, so will be building that ASAP!

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