Power Armor by drabadan

Brickshelf user drabadan has just posted some really cool brick-built power suits:

I really like how it’s not just a minifig head stuck onto a robot body. The minifig actually fits inside! How awesome is that?

5 comments on “Power Armor by drabadan

  1. Andrew Post author

    @Jordanlol & brandon: Most builders do not sell or provide instructions for their LEGO designs. If you click through to the Brickshelf gallery, I believe there are enough pictures there to get you well on your way to building your own power armor. :-)

  2. Teaqu

    Wow nice armors
    didn’t belive the thumbnail i found on google when looking for power armors when i saw it

    10/10 for this… nice job!!!

    (Ps. don’t care if i bump this up… just wanted to share my point… good skills with Lego!)

    See ya perhaps XD

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