Moko’s “Baikinman”

The popular Japanese cartoon “Anpanman” features a self-sacrificing superhero who has a head made of bread filled with bean jam. You with me so far? Anpanman fights starvation and hunger everywhere. His arch-nemesis is an evil space-germ named Baikinman (“baikin” means germ). Behold the animated GIF!

Moko has graced us with a version of Baikinman to rival all other LEGO space-germs:

Moko doesn’t seem to think much of this new creation, but I personally think it’s very accurate — and adorable! Now, let’s hope Moko makes our favorite edible superhero as well. Go Anpanman, go!

Edit (12/27/05): I must have missed it, but Moko did indeed create an Anpanman figure (thumbnails are links):