Well, I’ve been online since 1993, and I work in the Engineering department at a software development company — I’m even a technical writer! — but I seem to be a fairly late adopter when it comes to blogs. Oh well…

This blog, or “blocklog,” will be all about those beloved plastic building blocks we all know and love — LEGO! My personal specialty is minifigs that use only out-of-the-box parts. Although I have a few pieces I’ve painted, cut, or otherwise mutilated, I’ve recently decided that’s something I’m going to avoid in the future.

So without further ado, here’s a link to my Brickshelf gallery.

I frequently post on FBTB Forums and Classic-Castle Forums, so post a comment here, or say “Hi!” over there.

Oh, and like the subject says, welcome. ;-)

3 comments on “Welcome!

  1. Tananavalley

    I have traveled back in time from the year 2008. The Brothers Brick will become more than you can imagine. Everything is the same in the future except “string cheese” is a dirty word and the space lizards lord over us all.

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