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Do you also practice the art of Irish Yoga?

Every country has it’s stereotypes and when someone mentions Ireland, what are the first things that pop into your mind? Friendly, chatty, red headed, like a drink or three, plenty of siblings …but yoga gurus? Well, these three Irishmen created by Matt Rowntree are all expert practitioners in the art of Irish Yoga. We have a passed out ‘mooner’ who has lost a shoe as well as his belt! Mid-celebration soccer fan who seems to have enjoyed a half-time tipple when his team won (or maybe lost, given that black eye). And finally my favourite, with an ingenious flaming red beard who thinks he’s still walking and socialising, judging by his relaxed position on the floor.

Irish Yoga

The great thing about Irish Yoga is that it is all-inclusive. After a few celebratory drinks, we can all become masters in this ancient art.

Game over

It’s Friday night! And after a long week of toil, some of you will now be kicking back and settling in for a solid 48 hours of video gaming fun. But please remember to get up and move around once in a while, ok? Oh, and eat and drink as well! You don’t wanna end up like this literal die-hard gamer, who’s sad demise is modelled in LEGO for us by Letranger Absurde in this scene entitled “Death by MMO”.

Cloaked in flowers

This beautiful LEGO sculpture by Xavier Viloria is both intriguing and unique. The builder was inspired by the works of Mari Shimizu and hakkachan and those influences do show in this lovely build. The central doll-like bust is well shaped and those silent tears are a lovely touch. I also like the tendrils that travel through her neck and open into a flow of flowers within her chest.


Without a doubt, my favourite part are the flowers that are made from minifigure cloaks. What a great use of those cloth LEGO parts — very effective.


A figure study in gray

Great builds don’t need to be large, or complicated. Sometimes sticking with simple connections, good photography, and good composition can do amazing things. This pensive character comes from Milan Sekiz. Our gray friend has a grey bird, cleverly using robot arms and wings. The whole spindly scene uses mostly axle connections, and the result is quite fascinating – and beautiful.

Kaneda’s bike from Akira in LEGO

Korean builder Haeundaddy has designed and built probably the best LEGO version of Shotaro Kaneda’s bike from Akira that I have seen.  This larger scale bike is shapely, detailed and full of the smooth lines that characterise this famous red bike. The specially designed base is a nice touch as a model of this calibre needs something a little special to rest upon.

Akira / Kaneda Bike - RubyHound

The details are fantastic, from the sports seat to the handlebar area, and Haeundaddy has taken the time to capture his work with some excellent photography.

Click through to see more of this excellent anime bike

An adorable tsar on his adorable little throne

You don’t usually put the words “tsar” and “adorable” in one sentence, but here is the exception… This LEGO tsar is adorable! A charming sketch by vir-a-cocha depicts the famous Tsar Gorokh from Russian fairy tales. A little bit shy, a little bit silly and naive — all these traits are perfectly conveyed using a handful of pieces.

Tsar Gorokh

If you take a closer look you may notice that this figure features no regular bricks or plates. That’s because this creation was an entry in a local building contest, where builders were not allowed to use any basic pieces. The result is an outstanding mixture of modified plates and hinges that simply puts a smile on your face.

Droogs, viddy this horrorshow Clockwork Orange sculpture

Meet Alex. Alex is the main character in Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange (later immortalized in film by Stanley Kubrick). Alex is depicted as a sociopath who robs, rapes, and assaults innocent people for his own amusement. David Hughes‘ LEGO sculpture of Alex is inspired by the 1972 book cover and I think his decision to stick with simple monotone shades and skin tone works very well.

Clockwork Orange

The sculpture itself uses over 2,700 bricks and is 15″ wide x 12″ deep x 17″ high. And while the eye and eye-liner are certainly eye-catching, I particularly like the shaping of the Bowler hat.

Clockwork Orange 2

He is afraid, he is alone, he is three million light years from home

Younger readers might be forgiven for mistaking this character as some kind of flesh-covered version of WALL-E (and there are some similiarities between them). But this is in fact ET from the 80’s blockbuster movie ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, recreated in LEGO form by Swedish builder LegoJalex.

This adorable ET model comes complete with a LEGO version of the communicator that he jury-rigs from household items (including a Speak-N-Spell), all beautifully presented in a fully brick-built forest scene. Here is another scene in which ET gets the idea for building a device to “phone home”:

As well as the attention to detail in these completely LEGO-filled backgrounds, what’s also impressive about this creation are the play features. As demonstrated in this video, he has an extending neck, posable limbs and even a light-up heart:

Sumo, the greatest sport on earth

I’ve written elsewhere that sumo is the greatest sport on earth, so I won’t belabor that point here. Because it’s my favorite sport, I always enjoy seeing LEGO creations inspired by Japan’s national sport. Krzysztof J has built this excellent sumo wrestler in a red mawashi, looking ready to take on the biggest and strongest Yokozuna. Krzysztof has used lever handles for the wrestler’s hair, while the round 1×1 plates are both inevitable and perfect as the big guy’s, uh, pectorals.


Doomguy is here to blast all your LEGO demons back to brick hell

When the 2016 reboot of DOOM launched we covered a collection of classic demons from the games that included a perfect rendition of the player character (sometimes called Doomguy). Those versions were comprised of Bionicle and Hero Factory parts, but today we’re looking at one created with more traditional bricks by Anton Sundström. Which one do you like best?


If you’re on the fence about DOOM, let me suggest my review of the game. As the year draws to a close it’s looking more and more like the best title to be released in 2016.

Does my head look fat in this hairband?

Here comes delayice with a smart bit of character building. The face is just brilliant — packed full of expression, and the hair is well done, particularly the hairband and bow. But this is one of those LEGO models that is less about the details as the overall design. The head is spot-on for this kind of build — clearly too big for the body, creating immediate comedy value and injecting a real dose of personality. I can just imagine this little minx loudly demanding extra dessert.

i look a bit chubby

Chillful William, ladies and gentlemen!

Famous cartoon character Chilly Willy is probably the most charesmatic penguin in the whole state of Alaska. (Yes, he’s from Alaska — I double checked that!) His enormous charm fits in just a hanful of hand-drawn lines. Tremah put together a dozen or so black and white armour pieces and captured all the charm this little penguin has. Even his adorable hat! I wish I could place this build on my work desk, so that it would show people who distract me from blogging where the door is!

Chillful William