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See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru, the three wise monkeys (or three mystic apes as they are also known) represent the Japanese Buddhist proverb that reminds us to avoid evil and not to spread it. Jimmy Fortel went for the classic interpretation, although some other versions include a fourth monkey that adds an additional message to the proverb. The build uses simple colours and shapes, focusing on the message of the build instead of advanced techniques, even though there is still some nice part usage with the rubber pegs for eyes.

Three wise monkeys

Someone call for an exterminator?

I’m not fan of rats, cockroaches, and alien critters skittering around my spaceship, but I’m also not sure I’d like to have Djokson‘s character around either. He’s stocky, he’s menacing, he has a big gun and probably leaves a trail of aliens to match.The Exterminator
There is a lot of excellent color contrast in this build, with a few bright-colored pieces popping against the black armor and background. The blue hose caught my eye first, but then you look up and see the dark red eyes of the mask and suddenly the exterminator seems a lot less friendly. And be sure to keep four eyes out for some really excellent parts use on his alien trophy.

Room with a View, Baby Doll and Building in Bed: a conversation with Romanian super-builder Vitreolum [Interview]

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Pacurar Andrei, also known as Vitreolum (Letranger Absurde). Pacurar lives in Romania and builds in a wide range of styles and genres. His work is highly regarded and his build, Room with a View, made our short-list of the year’s best creations. Please walk with us as we explore the mind of a builder!

Jay and Silent Bob

TBB: How did you get into the LEGO hobby and what inspires you to build?

Pacurar Andrei: I got into the hobby when I decided to sell my childhood collection. They were all mixed together in two large bags, so I had to sort and build everything… by the time I was done with this I ended up buying sets instead of selling. Everything inspires me, from someone else’s build to things that surround me. Sometimes just looking at a certain part will be enough. Or just an idea that suddenly pops in my head. Although my biggest source of inspiration has always been movies, games and literature. The challenge is whether I can translate it into bricks.

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Five arms are better than two

This truly alien-looking creation from Tremah comes courtesy of a great mix of System, Technic, Bionicle, and Hero Factory parts. Qlauflus the Handyman is a marvel of low-parts-count versus overall shape. There’s skillful use of larger LEGO pieces, coupled with bars and tentacles to create those spindly appendages.

Qlauflus the Handyman

The color scheme is also working well — relatively rare lime green pairs up nicely with the white. I think there’s some “cheating” going on, with concealed elements to keep the model balanced upright for the photo, but they’re so well hidden that I’ll let it slide.

Street Sharks? I haven’t heard that name in years

Well, even if it’s been said thousands of times, it bears repeating here: One of the best aspects of LEGO is the ability to come up with a completely bonkers idea and turn it into a physical creation. One such idea from Tora is “Spec Ops Commander Hammer Shark… a hammerhead shark that can actually walk and eliminate assigned targets with his harpoon rifle”. I wonder what that would look like, hmm…

Commander Sharks

Using a truly mixed bag of parts from Bionicle to the Star Wars buildable action figures to, if I’m not mistaken, the often-mocked Galidor, this build is a true showcase of what LEGO is capable of.

Make sure you also check out this back shot of the build, which shows off the suit which allows this shark to breath while on land.

Commander Sharks

Time to tip the scales

Robin, a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening and Super Smash Bros Wii U, has been constructed beautifully by Eero Okkonen. The build in its entirety is full of excellent techniques that capture the character’s likeness, especially in her long coat and hair, and her jagged Levin Sword is simple yet effective.


If you enjoyed Eero’s Robin, you may also like his other fighters in Super Smash Bros, such as Varia Suit Samus, Zero Suit Samus, and Palutena.

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date

The facial expression and ever present fob-watch make this guy immediately recognizable as the White Rabbit from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Julius von Brunk creates a suitably trippy-looking bunny to join his LEGO Mad Hatter and playing cards. The minifig torso used here seems strangely in proportion, and looks great with the lower brick-built legs and large head.

White Rabbit

With the addition of a brick-built Mad March Hare and an Alice minifig, Julian has even brought his new and old Wonderland characters together for an impromptu musical performance. Great use of party lights and a small number of props are all that is needed to showcase Julian’s marvelous creations together in Alice’s band:

Rainbow in the Dark

Build it, then throw a blanket over it [Instructions]

Fans of Bravest Warriors rejoice! After vanishing for two and half years, this wacky space animation from the mind that created Adventure Time is now back from the dead, with a third season beginning today on Cartoon Hangover. And because LEGO makes everything 9000% sexier, here is a building guide for Catbug to get you in the mood.

(Click here for enlarged version)

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope...

With the recent passing of the actors that portrayed them, we’ve seen a number of fantastic LEGO models of Star Wars characters Princess Leia and R2-D2. But none have captured the connection between these two like Miro Dudas has in this recreation of a scene from A New Hope that really requires no introduction.

A New Hope

In the following loveable hug that would melt any astromech’s circuits, one can almost imagine that this is from an out-take on the set! Miro’s builds have undergone several iterations, and this modified Leia now sports articulation at both the neck and hips, allowing the model to pose perfectly. Meanwhile, his version of R2 possesses a fully retractable 3rd leg, pivoting side legs, and a rotating head! While there are many LEGO R2-D2 designs out there, both official and fan-created, Miro’s is one of my favourites at this scale.

"Did you miss me?"

There are no Sneetches who are best on the beaches

The Sneetches and Other Stories is one of Dr. Seuss’ most meaningful books, touching upon the themes of tolerance, elitism and discrimination. The first story in the collection describes the Sneetches, a group of yellow creatures who find themselves swindled by a businessman named Sylvester McMonkey McBean. Kyle Keller has brought a classic scene from the story to life in LEGO bricks:

The Sneetches

Some of the Sneetches have green stars on their bellies and discriminate against those who don’t. Realizing this, McBean creates a Star-On Machine and allows star-less Sneetches to buy their own. The star-bellied Sneetches no longer feel special, until McBean presents his Star-Off Machine. But McBean allows recently starred Sneetches through his machine as well until…

“Neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew
Whether this one was that one
Or that one was this one
Or which one was what one
Or what one was who!”

Coincidentally, TBB’s own Iain Heath also just shared his cleverly-built star-bellied sneetch:

Star-bellied Sneetch

I won’t spoil the ending, but needless to say everyone learns a valuable lesson:

“That day, all the Sneetches forgot about stars
And whether they had one, or not, upon thars”

Killer Croc’s victorious escape

We’ve seen the Caped Crusader get out of many tight spots when battling his enemies. But maybe this time he might actually meet his demise at the hands of the menacing Killer Croc in this LEGO diorama by Cid Hsiao. Towering over the fallen Dark Knight, the reptilian menace stands on a crushed pavement that has been shattered by his forceful weight.

Every part of this scene conveys a real sense of action in motion. I love the rock formation and imprint left in the pavement where Batman lays, where we assume he has just been hauled. The Bat-Cycle lying in pieces and that broken pavement at the feet of Killer Croc are simply perfect. The star of the show is however Killer Croc himself. Dressed in prison garb and broken shackles, the build is cleverly constructed using simple joints, giving an organic feel to the beast.

Rally the LEGO Overwatch Heroes

Overwatch continues to inspire LEGO builders with the hit game’s fun and varied heroes. Let’s rally up a few more characters to add to a lineup of great LEGO Overwatch builds, like these great characters from Tim Schwalfenberg, Simon Liu, or my own D.Va’s Light Gun. First up, from Dead Frog inc., is Bastion in his partial camouflage from the animated short “The Last Bastion.” The color choices on his robotic death machine and the overgrowth are great.

The last Bastion

Next up, from Piggy Brother, is Reaper. The builder has constructed several other heroes from the game, and his Reaper is one of my top favorites from him. The mask, dual hellfire shotguns, and shotgun shell belt are standout details to me here.


Finally (from yours truly) is the time-jumping mascot of Overwatch, Tracer. Her build started with the idea of arranging two translucent orange half-circular tiles in an hourglass shape to create her goggles. One of the most challenging parts of the build for me was finding a technique that would look good as the lacing on her leggings. I thought the undersides of the various 1×1 brick types used structurally was a good solution.

Tracer - Overwatch