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Child’s play

As the current Iron Builder contest nears its conclusion, both teams continue to churn out amazing builds. But after many rounds of being cut to length for one purpose or another, the ribbed flex-tube seed parts seem to be getting progressively shorter and shorter. That doesn’t seem to be hampering their efforts though, judging by these two wonderful scenes by Tyler Clites:


Long-in-the-tooth readers might even notice that the old lady in the scene above is actually a reprise of a character that Tyler built for a previous Iron Builder contest – right down to the use of the blue seed part from that round!

“The second half of this show reminds me of Aspen ...cause it’s all downhill from here!”

Jim Henson’s beloved Muppets probably need no introduction, thanks to the international success both of the Sesame Street franchise, and a long series of excellent Muppet movies. But it’s a little harder to gauge how well-known The Muppet Show was. Airing over several seasons in the late seventies, the television show was produced and aired in the UK, as no US network would touch it.

After that, it’s less clear how widely syndicated the show became. But these excellent builds of show regulars Waldorf/Statler and the Swedish Chef by German builder Andreas Weissenburg (grubaluk) suggest to me that maybe the show did gain some international popularity after all!

Oh, and a word of warning: If you ever meet someone from Sweden, please please please do NOT ask them what they think of the Swedish Chef …it’s still kind of a sore point with them!

Behold the fancy mustachios of Ignatius Bartholomew Pompus XXXVII!

Tyler is on a roll this past week — I’ve bookmarked each of his last four builds to blog, only to be overtaken by an even better build (or one of our other bloggers). His latest LEGO model is a character called Ignatius Bartholomew Pompus XXXVII, who has a fantastic mustache he should be very proud of, but is apparently the Archduke of Arrogance. Tyler himself is one of the nicest, humblest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, so I’ll take his word for it.

Ignatius Bartholomew  Pompus XXXVII: Archduke of Arrogance

While your eye is inevitably drawn to the many colorful details of Ignatius Bartholomew Pompus XXXVII himself, I especially enjoy Tyler’s presentation. Tyler has built Ignatius as a bust on a stand, and photographed him from slightly below “eye-level” to heighten the impression of arrogant disdain. Finally, Tyler Photoshopped Ignatius onto an antique-looking background. All in all, this is much more than just an interesting combination of bricks.

“What the **** is the Internet?”

If you’ve seen even one of Kevin Smith’s movies, then these two lowlifes should need no introduction, as they appear in just about every one of them. Yep, it’s those wheeling, dealing, cussing 80’s throwbacks Jay and Silent Bob. Brought to you by TBB regular Letranger Absurde (aka “vitroleum” – who apparently has visited this particular stretch of wall before).

We’d invite them to comment on the accuracy of this scene themselves, but that would end up being a long series of asterisks, followed by a long series of blank spaces. Which given their antics and opinions, would probably be for the best. Especially for the executives at Miramax.

King Fuzzwuzzle III will see you now

All hail His Hirsute Majesty Fuzzwuzzle the Third, Sovereign of the Fuzzlands, Ruler of the Furrywoollies, Emperor of the Hairy Isles, Grand Duke of the Downy Downs and Viscount of the Velvet Valley! Bow beneath the majesty of his beard and mustachios.

King Fuzzwuzzle III

This amusing character brought to you by the ever-entertaining Djordje.

Mighty morphin’ masked motorcyclist

Say hello to Kamen Rider, from the successful 70’s Japanese TV franchise of the same name. This build is the work of Japanese pop-culture aficionado Moko. If it looks strangely familiar, that may be because Kamen Rider was the inspiration for a certain 90’s American knock-off called the Power Rangers (which, confusingly, spawned a spin-off called Masked Rider that aped the original show).

I love this piece not only because of its perfectly proportioned stud-less design, but because it’s just the latest in a long line of explorations of the masked rider by this builder, going back as far as 2006. Though with this latest interpretation, I think it’s fair to say he’s finally nailed it!


If music be the food of love, build on

Those crazy Swedes are at it again! Rickard & Helen from SuckMyBrick have followed up their excellent movie character quiz with another one, this time featuring past and present icons of the music industry. See if you can identify them all…

You can also check out photos of all 16 characters on their Flickr stream. Below are some of my favorites. But… No ABBA!? O_o


I’d like mornings if they started later

Once again the Mixel eyes are working their magic, as you can see from these nifty versions of comic strip characters Garfield and Odie, built by LegoJalex. Garfield is accurately portrayed with his trademark lasagne (for breakfast!) and irritating canine alarm clock.

Garfield’s popularity undoubtedly lies in his unique wit. In fact, Wikipedia describes him as pessimistic, sadistic, cynical, sarcastic, sardonic, negative, obnoxious, snide, lazy and fat. My God, he’s basically my perfect role model!

A feast for the eyes

As popular as LEGO’s Mixels line has become, I must admit to me they are just great “parts packs”. And now I have more eyeball bricks than I know what to do with! But it’s heartening to see how these new parts seem to have stimulated a minor surge in character-based builds since the line’s introduction back in March.

Case in point: Serbian builder Djordje uses them to great effect in this recreation of Goofy, everyone’s favorite …erm, what the heck is he again?