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The future of television is 3D ...but not in the way you think

It all started a few days ago when I saw a TV remote by Primož Mlakar‘s in my Flickr feed, with the description saying “I couldn’t imagine a TV without one :)”. I thought nothing more of it, only to be surprised later by teaser shots revealing the television set that needed the remote.

Late 80's TV

The TV’s general shaping is spot on, and nostalgic for anyone growing up with these old-school TVs. The antenna, the little channel display screen, and Sony logo are just perfect. The forced perspective Back to the Future II scene demands closer inspection. Primož tells us in the description that the layout was the starting point and was intended as a minifig scale diorama, but as he encountered some problems with scale, he decided to make a forced perspective build. Turning it into a television set was just the next logical step.

Hill Valley Back Street Scene from BTTF 2

“How is it possible to power a weapon of this size?”

What, you thought I’d just go with “It’s a trap!”? That’d just be lazy. (Also, repetitive.) Admiral Ackbar may not have had the most memorable line in The Force Awakens, but his presence at the Resistance base marked another point in the movie that reminded us we were watching a true Star Wars film again. Master character builder Eero Okkonen captures the essence of the Mon Calamari admiral with a variety of slopes, vehicle fenders, reins, and other sundry bits.

Admiral Ackbar

A few pieces of brown lend subtle texture to what would otherwise be a mass of dark red. His expressive eyes are built from a black 2×2 boat stud layered over a round 2×2 yellow tile.

You gotta kill a lotta frogs to find your prince

The late Carrie Fisher had been scheduled to appear next month at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con, so I decided to make a Leia tribute for the convention’s Brick Nation display. We’ve already seen LEGO tributes showing a demure Princess Leia shoving a floppy disk into some poor hapless droid, but I wanted to recreate a moment from the original trilogy that captured Fisher’s feisty character! Jabba’s death scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi seemed appropriate (…ignoring for a moment the fact that this is basically a PG-rated movie that features a brutal and drawn-out murder scene)

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Adorable brick superheroes get supersized

LEGO’s new BrickHeadz may the latest fad, but French builder Jimmy Fortel is showing us they don’t have the market cornered for adorable superhero characters made of bricks. The Chibz characters, designed by Jimmy, are a bit larger than BrickHeadz and can incorporate great brick-built expressions into the faces as well as more detail on the bodies. Jimmy’s started off with 3 each from Marvel and DC, and has more planned.

Presenting the CHIBZ brick figures

Hope you didn’t plan on sleeping well tonight

Forget the chainsaw dripping with blood — everything in the face of this creepy clown built by LegoOzp is unsettling. The printed eye tiles, the colorful 4×4 dishes on the cheeks, the menacing grin — it’s enough to make someone like me with no fear of clowns a tad uncomfortable.

Scary Clown

Sometimes love is black and white

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but we couldn’t pass on highlighting this amazing LEGO portrait of a silhouetted couple built by Letranger Absurde. Look closely, because while those black shapes with smoothly curving edges may look simple, they’re actually a complicated conglomeration of plates and slopes facing all directions. The creation is also much larger than it appears at first glance, standing around two feet tall.


And don’t miss our recent interview with the builder, where we discuss his inspiration and unique style.

You shall call me Snowball, because my fur is pretty and white

In the second episode of Rick and Morty (or as I like to call it “Back to the Future on acid”) Morty’s dog Snuffles is fitted with a device that boosts his intelligence, a move that (not surprisingly) escalates to Snuffles leading an army of dogs wearing robotic exoskeletons to enslave humanity. Ultimately the dogs are banished to their own world, which is envisioned here in LEGO by none other than Richard Van As, one of the show’s animators:

It’s elementary: uncanny character busts from Tyler Clites

We love the art of Tyler Clites for its bold style and perky colors. The way he treats common LEGO pieces always makes his characters vivid and lively, whether it’s some Star Wars protagonists or Tintin’s space rocket. Tyler’s every build has its own mood and a story to tell. And Tyler’s latest set of busts are simply jaw-dropping. This time it’s not just skillful building with LEGO bricks, but the pairing up of characters that makes these works so outstanding…

Elementary my dear Bilbo

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Get it off your chest

This wordplay-inspired creation by Simply bricking it is both unsettling and funny. While skeletons are spooky and scary in their own right, this one is actually quite cute and cartoony with its round skull and large pelvis made of shells. On the other hand, the colourful pile of blood and internal organs is far from cute.

Get It Off Your Chest

I love how simple yet imaginative the whole concept of this model is. The use of seemingly random pieces is inspired. My favourite part would have to be the unidentified yellow organ made out of the ice cream pieces, which may be the large intestine or a very deformed pancreas.

The most infamous action hero of all: Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem might hold the gaming industry record for the longest time between announcement and availability, taking a full 12 years to hit store shelves. Although it did eventually come to fruition, it didn’t live up to its expectations generated during the hiatus. Whatever you think of the game, though, LEGO builder Havoc did our action hero justice in translating him from pixels to bricks.


I am the (LEGO) law!

The stern scowl and helmet of Judge Dredd is an instantly recognizable combination, and Grantmasters has captured it well in this flat build inspired by the portraits of Chris McVeigh. This build makes great use of the space with the background behind Dredd simulating the sprawling, dense city in the film. And the use of gold LEGO wings to simulate the pauldron is a master stroke. I am the law!

I Am The Law

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

There’s no closer BFFs than Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear in Cartoon Network’s show We Bare Bears. They live together, eat together, and even navigate the human world together. They also enjoy all the things that we do like social media, giant burritos and tiger jean jackets – all while traveling together in one “bear stack”. Brandon Griffith has recreated this cuddly column of creatures perfectly in LEGO: