Incredible LEGO Eiffel Tower stands over four feet tall

LEGO creations always have a story. Sometimes, when we find things online, the builder gives a very brief story; sometimes, we find something amazing, and do an interview so we can bring you a bigger story. And then sometimes, like this beautiful Eiffel Tower by Rafal Piasek, the builder gives us the whole story and takes us on a journey.

Eiffel Tower

This creation was built under a time-crunch; while preparing other creations for a display of iconic landmarks of Poland, a request came in from LEGO Poland to build a project as a gift to one of their partners. This beautiful iconic French landmark is the result.

Eiffel Tower

While it’s not an exact recreation, it is a creation inspired by many other builds that came before it. Rafal mentions it was designed within a week, since that was the deadline to order all the parts! He prototyped the legs as proof-of-concept in real brick, and ordered what was needed. One of the challenges was building the iconic curves in LEGO, which he accomplished beautifully.

Ultimately, this beautiful Eiffel Tower remained in LEGO Poland’s offices – a great place for it to remain. It’s a wonderful build.

Eiffel Tower

I encourage you to read the full story on Rafal’s blog, which has some great additional insight to the build process.

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