BERG-LNZ (LEGO) Particle Acceleration Laboratory

We’re no strangers to science here at TBB, and love featuring these types of builds. Last year, we featured Jason Alleman’s lovely Particle Accelerator (which is part of the upcoming review round on LEGO Ideas). To compliment our collection of scientific stuff, I’d like to submit for consideration -Disty-‘s BERG-LNZ Particle Acceleration Library.

BERG-LNZ Particle Acceleration Laboratory

This fantastic build is a great glimpse into what the builder imagines the inside of a particle accelerator to be, and it’s pretty fantastic. The parts use for the two massive components on each end is just great, and it looks suitably industrial.

BERG-LNZ Particle Acceleration Laboratory

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  1. Michael Wolf

    There’s a real beauty in the cleanliness of this MOC. It’s large and somewhat flat with all of the detail concentrated to emphasize the focus of the piece. It’s also a rare use of Technic decorations that look handsome in minifig scale.

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