Tractors without wheels

I’ve admired Captain Eugene‘s military LEGO models for a while, but I’d never noticed that he’s quite an accomplished mech builder. In fact, I nearly overlooked this pair of fantastic industrial robots because I thought from the thumbnail that they were plastic miniatures.

And then I noticed the minifigs.


I think that building military models gives you a very solid sense of the purpose that every mechanical detail has; greebles are great, but believable details trump greebs any day. It’s clear that Eugene has invested every detail in these two mechanical monstrosities with purpose, and that makes a huge difference.

4 comments on “Tractors without wheels

  1. Mad Czech

    I could be wrong about this, but despite the use of the word “tractor,” these models appear to be military rather than industrial. I could find nothing in the builder’s flickr description that would support the conclusion that they were industrial. For example, according to this picture, (http:[email protected]/11356596975/in/photostream), the wood-sided version features a Gatling gun, mortars, and a heavy canon.

  2. Mad Czech

    Good catch, Kanger! Read the caption on the first pic in the series to see what the builder has to say about Gatling Gears:
    http:[email protected]/11356718824/

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