The best of Count Blockula: BigFig Pirate

One of the last major models Mike Crowley posted online was a new type of brick-built figure, the “BigFig.” BigFigs are built from bricks, but look like large minifigs. Mike showed off his new idea with a recreation of the classic LEGO Pirates captain minifig:

BigFig Pirate

In March 2009, Mike wrote:

Basic features include:
- head can rotate
- face / hairpiece can be customized
- arms are connected with Technic axles to prevent “drooping” when holding objects
- hands can rotate
- torso and hip-piece fronts and backs can be customized
- legs are connected using Technic rotating / ratcheting click hinges, allowing for some rotation backward and full 90 degree rotation forward (into the seated position)
- head, arms, hands, hips and legs all separate in the same places that a regular-sized minifig’s do
- the rear and bottoms of the legs have “holes” built into them to resemble those on the legs of a regular-sized minifig and are spaced so as to fit onto “studs” built 2×2 and spaced 2 studs apart from one another.

In case you’d like to try your own hand at building a BigFig, Mike even posted a breakdown: