Lego Minecraft Set 21102 Review

Here’s a video review of the newly released 21102 Minecraft set, the first CUUSOO product to be released outside of Japan. You can get it starting today for $34.99 on Lego Shop at Home.

Summary: the Minecraft set is a decent buy for a collection of small plates and tiles. It is more geared for display with its detailed texture and modular sections. Even though I am not a Minecraft player, I’m believe that Lego has succeeded in turning the game concept into a product (although my initial sentiments still stand).

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  1. Steven Marshall

    Personally speaking, and i don’t want this to sound negative….. But this is just one of those ideas that gets 10,000 hits because the person behind the idea goes to any means necessary to acquire the votes, and i guess good for them….Lets face it Lego CUUSOO is about who you know, I have two of my models on CUUSOO and i have never tried to influence the course of the peoples votes, resulting in a realistic assessment in what the people want..If you like the idea then add your vote under your own conclusion rather than being told.

  2. IronTetsubo

    Awesome review! Huge minecraft fan, and we’ve been looking forward to this set.

  3. JonathanBloom

    Great review! I agree, looks like a display model, but I do like how you can randomize the arrangement of the different modules.

  4. AlexRieper

    I’ve seen your review on youtube and it brought me here! Very nice review. Minecraft was all about building from cubes. I think 4 parts are a bit of corelation to it, but I would prefer only cube bricks for this lego.

  5. DavidMo

    You are a pro. You did that review basically live, when you first opened the box, and still made very meaningful evaluations and comments after looking at contents for half a second. Very impressive. Thanks for the review. My son loves Lego and Minecraft, so we will be getting one of these.

  6. theBrickBlogger

    I have been looking for a review on this! Great job, Nannan! I wasn’t aware of these removable top sections! A nice feature! I don’t think I will buy the set at full price, but if and when it goes on sale I might consider it for parts.

    As a feedback to LEGO and CUUSOO, I think with these fan-created projects it would be nice if the booklet was thicker paper and better quality (maybe like the architecture sets?). After all these are very unique novelty sets. The box design however is very nice!

  7. vbiker

    Thanks for the great unboxing and review! I agree that this seems more like the architectural series, more for show than use, but that doesn’t make me want one any less. :-)

  8. BrothersBrickLover

    Hey! Great review Nannan. I love how you, unlike others, actually give reasonable comments that actually relate to the product. You also give the listener your thoughts and comments. For example, the extra bricks. Did you practice that review BTW? Because you did a great review, straight out of the box!

    This looks like a great set, do you know when it is coming out? I just LOVE how many 1×1 tiles you get! I could do with a few more…
    I think that LEGO should bring the price down just a bit because it is a bit steep at $35, don’t you think… If I had about 5 or 6 of these sets, I would make an entire world!
    I am definitely going to try and get this set so I can, make building blocks out of building blocks so I can build while I build!

  9. Marin

    Well I noticed a lot of thumbs up for the comment about you not playing Minecraft. So consider this a comment of support, Nannan. ;) I liked the review.

  10. Eklund

    I’m not really a Minecraft fan, but I am eager to get my hands on all of those tiles! The modularity of the set is very cool too. Great review Nannan.

  11. hstralka

    I was looking for a blog that showcased new products and other fans creations. Well I have found the perfect one this video was great and informative. Loved the lighting and audio would have loved to see the build in fast-motion though. Thanks for taking the time!

  12. Con_Artist

    Great Review Nannan and the set is really cool but I definitely think that all the extra parts were added so that you could customize the set even futher. Beyond you know just switching stuff up. Also I’m loving all of those tiles!

  13. :3jörn

    A good review in overall. A timelapse over the building process would have been nice. Nothing bad about time skips, but something as diminutive as a differint tone of voice after the skip can be quite jarring.

    Furthermore, it would have been nice to see you explore the possibilities with the set a bit further than just following the manual and mixing around the modules. All those additional pieces could possibly be put to use, and I’d venture a guess that the point behind this set, just as with the game, is to make the world fit your tastes, and not the other way around. Level a mountain, reroute a river, built a watchtower… You name it!

  14. MrShadestep

    I really enjoyed the review. I had no idea of this site until I passed by the review, but I will be subscribing to it as well. I’ll also be logging back into my Minecraft server here shortly. It’s been too long. Again, great job though!

  15. Wuxian

    I did not know about this site until Notch (minecraft dev) tweetet about this review… I had so much fun with LEGOs as a child, so many nice memories :)
    I never considered buying any LEGOs again, but this model is great for minecraft fans, I would love to put this on my desk as a little diorama.

    Great work with the website, I’ll probably spend hours and hours scrambling through videos and reviews!

  16. RDHZ

    Nice Review, I like the way its build modular so you can customize it all you want with all the extra pieces.
    Lego = awesome
    Minecraft = awesome
    Lego Minecraft = super awesome

    definitely worth the money.

  17. zephyr65401

    The modularity of the build is awesome. My wife and I both love Minecraft and Legos, so this is definitely a must buy for us! Thanks for the great review.

  18. Svenstead

    Great review,

    I laughed when you just disregarded the letter. This set looks great, I hpoe they release it in Australia (finger crossed). I love how you give your views on the set and its look. This review helped me because I did not know that the top part came off.

    I love how in this set you can change everything around to suit yourself. I also love how it encourages you to build more with the extra pieces. I cannot wait to see what people make with 4 or 5 of these. I could really do with some of those 1×1 plates! :)

    From Svenstead,

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