Five-trick pony

UK builder Justin Ramsden has earned a bit of well-deserved fame in the British press recently for his bust of singer Amy Winehouse.

LEGO Amy Winehouse bust

From her beehive hairdo to the cigarette dangling from her lips, Justin has captured every detail of this notorious English character.

Check out all the photos on Flickr.

4 comments on “Five-trick pony

  1. MV

    yeah, lots of skill here. Love the hair. But I don’t think I’ll ever come around to the thought that Lego is a good medium to make facial features. Always comes out weird and creepy looking. Just my opinion.

  2. MV

    ^hehe, yeah I get that. I was talking about Lego busts and such in general. Faces in Lego ALL look weird to me.

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