10 comments on “Snyderman’s alien cat

  1. Nathan Proudlove

    I just saw this and said to myself that I hope TBB blogs this. You didn’t disappoint, thanks. This creation is amazing. I rarely take the time to look at many details of MOCs. I pored over every picture of this one.

  2. Bunbrick

    Only 30 bucks for this kind of brick mastery??

    If I’d known the MOC market is so easily affected, I wouldn’t have so carelessly critiqued a certain other MOC’s price tag, a while ago. :-p
    But I did, and now I find you trying to rob this poor fellow. For shame! You could at least make it Euros… ;)

    Anyhoo… This beast looks both gruesome & gorgeous. I’d pet it if that wouldn’t result in my head being bitten off while it sharpened its claws on my vertebral column.

  3. Morgan19

    Mr. Bigglesworth Predator Voltron FTW! Very, very nice. Immediately recognizable and yet insanely alien at the same time.

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