9 comments on “Rediv’s Optimus Prime

  1. Dunechaser Post author

    Clearly you’re not speechless — or you wouldn’t be leaving comments on just about every post on the site. ;-) (Not that I mind — just sayin’.)

  2. Lego Shark

    Hehe i like to look at all the stuff. its fun. Legos rock, that model rocks, and i like to show it. I’m a Lego freak. That’s all there is to it.

  3. Jason

    That is Just the best LEGO creation of Prime I have ever seen.
    Can I get your instructions?

  4. Red4

    Hey dudes! That’s mine. I built it a long time ago. You guys should check out my Flickr gallery. In particular, look for Optimus Prime Overhauled. If you like this model, you’ll love Overhauled.

  5. red4

    You should check out the newest version!
    http:[email protected]/sets/72157617972827016/

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