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Check out the hit new kids’ show “Golden Compass Babies”

Okay, so maybe it’s not a real show. But Dan Ko has got us wishing it was. After a viewing of His Dark Materials, Dan was inspired to build a tiny panserbjorn. An armored polar bear has never looked more huggable.

King of the North

A bear in a balloon is something you don’t see everyday

How do you get a polar bear into a hot air balloon, anywho? Well, if you are Revan New, you build the bear and the balloon out of LEGO. Inspired by a favorite scene from the His Dark Materials novels by Phillip Pulman, the scene depicts the story’s protagonist and her band of unlikely friends soaring over snow-covered mountains in an unusual airship piloted by the skilled Aeronaut Lee Scoresby. I love all of the various bags and backpacks dangling from the rigging, as well as the hanging lanterns swaying in the wind—wind which also shapes the clouds passing below.

On the balloon

The builder includes another photo of the figures all lined up, with the perfect accessories, including Lyra and her golden compass.

The Golden Compass figbarf