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BrickArms makes custom weapons and accessories compatible with LEGO minifigs. LEGO purists might balk at the tiny AK-47s and realistic bazookas, but BrickArms products are ingrained in the LEGO building community at this point and we hope they’re here to stay.

Custom commando minifig by The-Bricker

Minifig customizer The-Bricker combines chopped-up bits of BrickArms, judicious use of paint, and a lot of glue for a really great commando fig.

Custom LEGO minifig Marine

Custom minifigs frequently don’t stand up to closer examination (and often look best in person), but don’t miss the photo’s large size for all the details.

New BrickArms minigun is six barrels of awesome [Review]

It’s been almost exactly two years since I last did an in-depth review of any custom accessories, for a number of different reasons. I’ve been crazy busy with work (yes, TBB contributors all have “real” jobs), but more importantly none of the stuff from the accessory vendors has really excited me enough to highlight here myself.

But I think the new Minigun from BrickArms is different enough and awesome enough for me to share my enthusiasm with all of you out there.

Anyone else want to try sabotaging the mine?

Will Chapman sent The Brothers Brick a batch of the new items, and I’ve been enjoying them ever since.

I’m not currently set up for photography, so Catsy has kindly agreed to let me use his pictures for this review. Thanks! For all of Catsy’s review photos, see Flickr, and for his own review, see the BrickArms Forums.

First, the Minigun is the most complex single item BrickArms has produced to date. The weapon itself consists of three separate parts, with a body, barrel, and handle. Each kit comes with both exposed barrels and shrouded barrels for the end of the gun, plus a “buildable ammo chain” — 14 different parts in total. For buyers used to BrickArms’ usual $1 for most items, this complexity should explain the $8 price tag.

BA Minigun BA Minigun

Second, the various holes, attach points, and modularity of the Minigun translate to a wide variety of ways to put it into action, including for vehicles and fixed defenses.

BA Minigun

Third, the Minigun’s modularity also translates to some interesting color combinations. It’s currently only available in black, but Will sent us about ten different colors to play with, as he did for Catsy, whose “overheated Minigun” below combines gunmetal, trans-red, and trans-orange.

BA Minigun - interchangeable parts

My own version hands the overheated brass Minigun to a Victorian gentleman in an oversized stovepipe hat, for an excellent steampunk effect. (Pics to follow at some point…) I’m looking forward to these other colors becoming available to everyone.

Adventures in Space!Finally, BrickArms has released production versions of the Raygun and Tactical Sword, which have been in circulation as prototypes for quite a while.

I highlighted the Raygun prototype a couple years ago, and the production version doesn’t disappoint — though minus the lovely swirl effect in the early prototypes you see in the photo (right). The Raygun and Tactical Sword are $1 each and are available in all 10 current colors.

An important change to the way BrickArms is selling their products as of this month is that all sales go through resellers. Prices appear to be comparable to buying directly in the past, and products are now available in more countries.

Officially due out June 1st, the Minigun, Raygun, and Tactical Sword are already available from most resellers now.

New BrickArms direct-printed minifigs indistinguishable from official LEGO figs

Our friends over at BrickArms were kind enough to send along a couple of their new direct-printed custom minifigs a while back, and they’re quite possibly the single greatest leap forward in minifig customization technology since Brasso.

BrickArms 2010 Minifig - "Johann"

Will Chapman uses a solvent inkjet printer that bonds the inks with the minifig’s ABS plastic, resulting in printing that I can’t distinguish from minifigs printed in a LEGO factory. And unlike the waterslide decals intended for “gentle play” or “display,” these are likely to withstand much heavier abuse.

I honestly haven’t oohed and aahed over a new BrickArms product in a couple of years, and kind of thought their ability to surprise me was long past. But I have to admit — perhaps a bit grudgingly — that these new direct-printed minifigs may be the coolest thing ever.

BrickArms releases limited edition 2010 sci-fi pack

With the new release of BrickArms‘ sci-fi weapons collection, you can get your hands on some rare delights including coveted the high caliber sniper rifle. Although the individual accessories will become available in multiple colors, those plans are still in the works. Meanwhile, the sci-fi pack is a great way to sample 10 of BrickArms’ newest items.

BrickArms Army Men Weapons Pack now available in green [News]

Fans of the new 7595 Army Men on Patrol set from the Toy Story line may be pleased to learn that BrickArms has released a limited edition pack of bright green weapons to complement these little green men.

BrickArms Army Men Weapons Pack

The weapons pack includes production versions of several prototypes that have been in circulation for a while, including the BAR and M1 Carbine.

BrickArms featured in Wired Magazine

BrickArms was featured in the current February 2010 issue of Wired Magazine as part of an article that highlight some of the successes of small scale production and manufacturing. You may be surprised to find out that Will, owner of BrickArms, now makes more income on a slow BrickArms day than he did before as a software engineer. You can read the feature on Eurobricks or click on the magazine cover below for the full article.