BrickArms releases limited edition 2010 sci-fi pack

With the new release of BrickArms‘ sci-fi weapons collection, you can get your hands on some rare delights including coveted the high caliber sniper rifle. Although the individual accessories will become available in multiple colors, those plans are still in the works. Meanwhile, the sci-fi pack is a great way to sample 10 of BrickArms’ newest items.

7 comments on “BrickArms releases limited edition 2010 sci-fi pack

  1. Catsy

    Having received pre-releases of some of these pieces, I can attest that they are as gorgeous as they look in the pictures. The AC8 (the accessory that resembles an XM8) in particular is a lovely bit of plastic.

    The Ranger of Awesomeness has pictures of all of them here, in the silver color the pack is in.

  2. gigahound

    As a space nut, I’m tempted to get this pack. Unfortunately it looks like the parts in that horrid milky/silvery color, so I guess I’ll be waiting for future color options, if I get any at all.

  3. Melfice

    Aside from the XM8 and the sniper rifle, there’s nothing in here I could really use.
    Looks really sharp, though. Pretty much what you’d expect from BrickArms.

    I’ll be waiting for the singles of the aforementioned weapons coming over to Europe. That, or until BrickArms produces an updated Modern Combat Pack, replacing the AC and the PSR with the XM8 and HCSR.

  4. bkirschbaum

    I know its a big no-no to ask when new weapons are coming out, but can I ask if this will be our last chance to get any of these weapons, or will all of these eventually be available for individual sale? Sorry if this is against Will’s “Don’t ask when or what I’m going to release” Rule

  5. the enigma that is badger

    @bkirschbaum Yes, as is described above, all of these items will be eventually added to the BrickArms line-up as individual items. You can think of this pack like a “pre-release” set of samples; a chance to pick up accessories you’re most interested in and test out a few other new things Will has cooked up.

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