LEGO fan blows us away with LEGO fan

We’re constantly inspired by the strange creatures, swooshable ships, and epic dioramas shared by LEGO builders each day that instantly grab your attention. Ironically, we nearly missed one of the most impressive builds of the week because it’s so lifelike and mundane that it doesn’t even register as LEGO at all! This retro electrical fan at 1:1 scale is a nearly studless masterpiece from builder ruby_lego that begs the question: “Is it LEGO?”

vintage fan

The seed parts are the rare trans blue doors from the Aquanauts Neptune Discovery Lab. Ruby built the cage out of flex tubes from the T-Rex Breakout. To minimize seams, the base is made from an IKEA Byylek lid. The dial utilizes a clock face from Big Ben. Even though the plug and pneumatic tubing power cord is purely cosmetic, the stand hides official LEGO Power Functions so the lifelike fan really works! It’s a powerful piece of nostalgia and NPU (nice parts usage) that made us instant fans of ruby_lego.

vintage fan

2 comments on “LEGO fan blows us away with LEGO fan

  1. Michael Wolf

    That is maybe the best model I’ve ever seen. I looked at the pictures for several times trying to figure out why someone posted their fan on Brothers Brick. Very tight building technique.

  2. Ed

    The blue buttons control the fan speed, and the white switch on top of the housing controls oscillation if I remember. So then what is the dial is for?

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