Aren’t you a little young to be collecting alien flower goo?

The classic LEGO Space theme gets an adorable update with this diorama by Joel Short, who provides some quick lore behind the expedition: “These giant flowers are a great source of energy, but must be approached with caution!” Much of the cause for caution, I assume, comes from the fact that those harvesting the flowers are infants who surely lack the necessary qualifications to operate such heavy equipment on unforgiving terrain … but hey, look how cute they are! Speaking of small things worth ooohing and awwwing over, check out all the great little details: the crocodile tails standing in for spiny plant tendrils, the full and empty bottles of pollen, and of course the Space logo itself at the front of the build, lovingly rendered in all its minimalist glory.

Space Baby Buddies

1 comment on “Aren’t you a little young to be collecting alien flower goo?

  1. Joel Short

    Thanks brothers! I thought the flower had slightly carnivorous vibes, but hopefully this is a symbiotic pollinator situation

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