Chief of the Danish Gauls, Madeoutoflegobrix

The chief of Asterix and Obelix’s little Gaulish village goes by many names. Vitalstatistix, Macroeconomix (in some US editions), and Abracourcix (as I knew him in the original French editions). But perhaps we should refer to Oliver Becker‘s excellent LEGO interpretation as Madeoutoflegobrix! The rotund chieftain and his caricatured proportions are very well done. The head especially is where this build really shines; the tiny helmet with the feathers is both accurate and adorable. And the ball joint and croissants are great respective choices for the big nose and moustache, features so integral to these indomitable Gauls!

Vitalstatistix / Majestix / Abraracourcix

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  1. Anonyme

    Abraracourcix in French (two ‘ra’).  From the phrase “à bras raccourcis” (literally, with shortened arms, ah-brah-rah-koor-see), which comes from an old way of saying “with rolled up sleeves” and that’s used along with verbs like jump, fall, or hit and, whatever the verb, means “bash without restraint” (literally or figuratively).

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