When you get to Dragonkeep, drop me a postcard

Built for a local LUG (LEGO Users Group) challenge in the theme of postcards, this miniature scene by Dale Harris looks like a tribute to all things fantasy, from the castle by the water to the swooping dragon… I guess we can see where the town gets its name. The dragon is nicely detailed for such a small build, and that uncommon red binoculars make an interesting snout. Let’s hope the dragon is friendly, or that castle will melt faster than Harranhall from Game of Thrones.

Dragonkeep Postcard

1 comment on “When you get to Dragonkeep, drop me a postcard

  1. hntrains

    I certainly will!
    You might get it by Christmas, though: snail mail has been a disgrace lately.
    I’d better make it with Rudolf instead!

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