And thats Checkmate for Galidor...

In the Dark Days when LEGO was struggling to stay profitable, they tried a new strategy and created a TV Show and its subsequent LEGO tie in series which…well, it came and went. This theme was Galidor, and Matt Rowntree has taken elements from the theme and repurposed in an inspired way in this Chess set build!


Whilst one player takes the blue side, made from parts from Nepol, the other takes the red, utilising parts from Ooni!
I love how the parts have been utilised to create Chess Pieces that we all recognise, whilst Matt manages to add uniformity to the bases of all the playing pieces whilst blending traditional LEGO pieces with the Galidor pieces that have limited connections points!

The base of the board uses grill plates to allow for light to illuminate the board from underneath and I think you’ll agree it really elevates the playing board and adds an ethereal quality to the Chess pieces!


If only all Chess sets told a story, it’s great to see Galidor get some love in this build from Matt.


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  1. Matt Rowntree

    Thank you, Ben! I appreciate the kind words. I’d like to say that I’m pleased to bring Galidor back into the public eye, but I’m not. XD It really was a low point for LEGO. But again, thank you. Cheers!

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