I wonder what that Puddy Tat is up to now?

Alego Alego has built an incredibly detailed scene in LEGO form, jumping straight from a Looney Tunes cartoon! Sylvester is mid hunt as he closes in on the bird atop the refrigerator as Tweety looks on ready to shut the door on this operation!
I love the faithfulness to the source material, alongside the action that Alego Alego has captured here with the broken egg, serving as a casualty of Sylvester’s latest escapade. The dynamite with lit fuse again adding to the action, I next see Tweety slamming that door with a ‘Wham’ followed by a ‘Boom’ as that dynamite explodes with Sylvester emerging slightly worse for wear…

Tweety Bird's ambush

Theres a lot of wonderful detail throughout this build, with the checkerboard floor and the curtain tied back just some of the call outs here, but I’m particularly drawn to the fridge.
Repurposing a small Bygglek Ikea box for the job is inspired but i’m bowled over by both the variety of parts used and level of detail going into the contents of the Fridge from the seal, made from some pneumatic tubing, to the drawers holding ‘lettuce‘ and carrots. I keep coming back to this scene, noticing something else that is just perfect for its use!